ppl who still are all, “but where’s eep’s armpit hair” bc that’s more important than her personality/character:


For the record, none of the males had arm pit hair either.

Anonymous sent:

I want to draw a story too

(( :D? Hello. I wish you knew what you were referring to. Care to clarify? ))

Reblog if you RP the following ;


- Disney in general
- Frozen
- Tangled
- Brave
- Teen Titans
- Young Justice
- The Croods
- Anything Dreamworks or Pixar as well

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The Croods is so fantastic. It tackles so many themes. The fear of discovery, the advancement of technology and unwillingness to change, self discovery through curiosity and growth, accepting your children’s choices and age, acceptance of the new and unknown, the pros and cons of teamwork, body image, the beauty and wonder in discovering the new, the power of ideas, and more. Seriously. It’s a tragedy that more people are not talking about this film. 

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